The coated duplex board is a key material for the production of inner box. Coated and calendered on one side, it provides a white and smooth surface really suitable for offset printing.

Coated Grey-Back Duplex Board

Thanks to its white and smooth surface ideally suit to be printed, this durable duplex board is highly recommended for the production of folding cartons, indirect-contact food boxes, toy boxes, soap and toothpaste packaging, as well as posters. 


FBB is an essential item for packaging in health, beauty, food and numerous other end uses. Unfortunately the use of chlorine bleaching and virgin fibres means that this is not a sustainable product.  Paper Plus are excited to have developed a sustainable solution with similar performance without the environmental issues. Our Paper Plus Folding Box Board (PPFBB) is made from 75% Eucalyptus fibre and 25% FSC sourced virgin wood. 

In addition to the positive environment impact this product supports farmers. Farmers are paid to grow the trees, and then to harvest their leaves for pulp. This ensures that their income is reliable with a guaranteed market for produce.  


EnvoPAP Eco-pouch also known as Kraft paper is made from fibres of sugarcane waste. They are high elasticity and high tear resistance in nature. They are perfectly designed for packaging products with high demands for strength and durability. EnvoPAP Eco-pouch can be used for food packaging applications such as food carrier bags, seed bags, flour packs etc. In addition to this, they can also be used for pharmacy bags and bread wrapping.