Paper Plus Europe News 8th February 2019:

We are delighted to be mentioned by ‘CV Magazine’ as the ‘Best Carbon-Neutral Paper Supplier 2018’ & ‘Rising Star in Sustainability 2018’. Please read more to find out.



Paper Plus Europe News 7-10, February 2019:

Mindful community action can inspire sustainable business practices and make a huge difference. Here is a great example set by a Japanese village to achieve its zero-waste goal by 2020.


Paper Plus Europe News 3-7, February 2019:



The International Sustainable Development Studies Institute in Thailand has built a new campus made almost entirely out of recycled materials. Find out more about this exciting sustainable initiative here!



Paper Plus Europe News 25-29, January 2019:

Tamil Nadu aims to become Plastic-Free! We appreciate the state government's drive to protect its natural integrity and urge the citizens to proactively make an effort to stop consuming single-use plastic items.  
#Sustainability #FuturePlanet #Futurism

Paper Plus Europe News 13-19, January 2019:


Sustainability labels and eco-friendly endorsements have sanctioned the destruction of natural carbon-absorbing rainforests and extinction of orangutans in Southeast Asia. Here is an eye-opening article that brings light to this crude reality!



Paper Plus Europe News 10-31, December 2018:


Our favourite snack maker is finally moving towards curating sustainability. 
Walkers has taken an initiative to recycle the crisp packets and use them in making outdoor furniture and trays. 
Here is an interesting article highlighting its journey towards a plastic free environment. 
#recycle #sustainability


Paper Plus Europe 9-30, November 2018:


Towards a better alternative
A recent study showed that banning plastic is not an option for a better tomorrow as its replacements are far
more harmful to the environment then plastic is. Here is an article highlighting a different perspective on the ban 
of plastic. It is time we work towards finding better alternatives. 



 Paper Plus Europe News January, 2018:


Scotland is the first UK country to save its marine life. 

Here is an eye-opening article of how single-use plastic item such as cotton buds is creating huge destruction #savemarinelife



Paper Plus Europe News 30-2, February 2019:


We are pleased to be mentioned by ‘SUPPORT THE GOALS’ where they highlight our initiative towards the global business goal of promoting life on land. Read more to find out.


Paper Plus Europe News 21-24, January 2019:

The L’Oréal-funded startup Seed Phytonutrients sells its products in bottles made out of paper and clay proving that sustainability is good for the bottom line. Let's show this solution some support! #Sustainability#FuturePlanet#Futurism

Paper Plus Europe News 19-21, January 2019:


Every metric tonne of paper we produce saves 50 trees from being chopped down. Our #10YEARSCHALLENGE is to make the future greener than the past.
#PaperReimagined #FuturePlanet


Paper Plus Europe News 1-12, January 2019:


Lush goes eco-friendly!

To fight the battle against plastic pollution, LUSH, the home of bath art, is set to adopt the plastic packaging free innovation in the UK. Here is an interesting read highlighting the brand’s initiative empowering its customers to undertake sustainable choices, when shopping as well.


Paper Plus Europe News 1-9, December 2018:


The truth about plastics!
An eye-opening video by Dr. Lucy Quinn and Sir David Attenborough of how plastic could be lethal and could cause destruction within our environment. It is time we tackle this situation and save our mother earth from being destroyed. 
#banplastic #saveourplanet


Paper Plus Europe News 1-9, November 2018:


The equation of supermarkets with single-use plastic products.

Here is a very interesting and factual article on how supermarkets and retailers are flooding their stores with the single-use plastic items. Few supermarkets are taking initiatives to reduce the plastic usage but yet around 2000 pieces of plastic packaging is circulated in every household within Britain.


Paper Plus Europe News 12-25, October 2018:


Very pleased to be awarded as the 'Young Entrepreneur of the Year' at the JITO Awards in London last night in association with KPMG UK. Thank you to everyone who have supported us on this journey. We started this journey a few years ago with the passion for Sustainability and Curate Solutions with Green Technology.

The first award is always special and thank you JITO for this award and validating our vision and we are truly grateful for all the support.



Paper Plus Europe News, December 2017:


Can small steps create large impact?

Listen to Tony Rinaudo, an Australian agronomist who innovated an incredible restoration technique of tree generation and created a transformational change through his small steps #fightthedessert #forestmaker